Garments made with 3-layer GORE-TEX® fabric with a tricot backer are durably waterproof, windproof and very breathable. With less bulk, they are the ideal solution for outdoor enthusiasts who enjoy demanding activities in a wide range of conditions. Garments made with 3-layer GORE-TEX® fabric with a tricot backer use a laminate construction in which a special GORE-TEX® membrane is bonded to a wide range of outer materials and a tricot knitted backer on the inside.

GORE-TEX® Paclite® Plus

Technology using two-layer material construction. The GORE-TEX® membrane is laminated to a very lightweight yet mechanically durable upper material. The reverse side is treated with a special treatment to guarantee its proper function and long life. Thanks to the absence of a lining, GORE-TEX® Paclite® Plus products are lightweight and highly packable while remaining 100% waterproof and windproof.

GORE-TEX® Active

Garments made with lightweight GORE-TEX® Active fabric are extremely breathable combined with durable water and windproofness. The ideal solution for highly aerobic, done-ina- day activities. GORE-TEX® Active product technology combines a lighter, thinner GORE-TEX® membrane with a fine ≤40 denier performance textile to deliver an ultimate 3-layer solution. On the liner side, a proprietary lamination technology integrates
the backer textile directly into the GORE-TEX® membrane. The streamlined laminate package and the optimised garment design exhibit utmost heat loss and moisture vapour transport properties, thus holding true to the GUARANTEED TO KEEP YOU DRY™ promise.

GORE-TEX® ShakeDry™

Revolutionary technology that eliminates the upper material and the face is made directly from the GORE-TEX® membrane. This unique solution offers permanent water repellency and non-absorbency as well as an exceptional vapour permeability value of Ret < 3.0. Products with GORE-TEX® technology are strictly designed for the most demanding activities such as performance running or road cycling and cannot be used with any backpack.


Ideal for extended use in rugged environments and extreme conditions, garments made with 3-layer GORE-TEX® Pro fabric are engineered for maximum durability and protection. GORE-TEX® Pro products exclusively utilise a revolutionary, patent pending, 100 % ePTFE-based multilayer membrane system with a unique microstructure. The membrane is durably bonded to both the outer material and a specially developed robust inner lining (Gore Micro Grid Backer technology) on the inside. Outer materials that meet strict performance criteria (denier ≤40) and the patented, thin, low denier Gore Micro Grid Backer technology which enhances breathability, reduces weight, internal abrasion and snag resistance are paired with a demanding garment design specification to ensure the high performance of 3-layer GORE-TEX® Pro products.

GORE-TEX® Infinium™ Windstopper®

Maintenance tips for GORE-TEX® Infinium™ Windstopper®

WINDSTOPPER® Soft Shell Fabrics combine the soft, comfortable fit of a mid-layer with reliable shell protection against cold wind, light rain and snow. It provides maximum comfort and freedom to enjoy the widest range of activities and weather conditions. They are totally windproof, very breathable, water resistant, snow shedding, abrasion resistant and stretch.

The most effective thermal insulation material on the market. It is the direct successor to the legendary POLARGUARD 3D / Delta insulation. The absolute world leader. The strongest, most durable, lightest, highly durable, flexible, quick drying. Compared to any competitor, it retains the longest "loft", even after repeated use, compression, washing and drying. In terms of insulating properties, it most closely resembles feathers of all synthetic insulations. It does not fray, the fibres do not separate, do not wrinkle and do not form tufts. There is no thinning of the insulation material or areas without filling even after years of use.

The fabrics are 100 % cotton, utilising the finest, long staple fibres. The performance of Ventile® fabrics results from the properties of cotton fibres which expand when they come into contact with water. The combination of fibres, yarns and weave causes expansion in a uniform manner. This allows the interstices within the fabric to close up, preventing the further passage of water. The fabric therefore provides excellent protection against the wind, rain, snow and cold. As a natural fabric, Ventile® is relatively‚ rustle free‘; useful for many sporting needs and those who want to be at one with nature. The ‚noise free‘ characteristic also adds greatly to the comfort of the wearer in everyday use.


Polartec® Power Stretch®

This material is elastic fleece with a high level of thermo-regulation. It’s very light and breathable and doesn’t absorb body moisture.

Polartec® Alpha®

This material was originally developed for the U.S. Special Forces when they required a more advanced insulating material in their combat uniforms. This fabric is a new technology with active insulation that regulates core body temperatures during both dynamic and static activities. This latest advancement in adaptable breathability helps eliminate the need of shedding or adding layers while on the move.


Material with very well balanced properties. Combines low weight with good mechanical resistance. It has a permanent DWR treatment to ensure water resistance. It is mainly used for insulated products and lightweight windbreakers.


A new type of knitted insulation material developed by the Japanese manufacturer Teijin. The face side is wear-resistant, the inner side provides sufficient thermal comfort and fast sweat removal.

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