Power of detail

It's not waste of words to say that each product has only such quality as quality has its weakest part. That's why we pay attention to each detail! Detailed descriptions of products with photos you will find on website www.tilak.cz. Although all the technological methods listed below are typical for all our products.

  • Seam quality

    Seam quality

    Gütermann thread and a stitch count of 5 stitches per 1 cm means exceptional seam quality and reliability.

  • Gore Micro Tape

    Gore Micro Tape

    All our 3-layer garments use only 13 mm seam tape instead of the standard 22 mm. This means less weight, less volume, higher breathability, and an overall increase in garment comfort.

  • Seam Allowances

    Seam Allowances

    Using 13 mm tape means our seam allowances measure only 2,5 mm instead of the standard 6 mm.

  • WaterTight™ zippers and Zipper garages

    WaterTight™ zippers and Zipper garages

    After years of use and experience this type of construction is standard in all our Hard and Soft Shells.

  • Lamination Technology

    Lamination Technology

    Lamination of the WaterTight™ zippers instead of sewing results again in less weight, less volume, and higher breathability.

  • Laminated Powderskirt and stitchless Waist-draw

    Laminated Powderskirt and stitchless Waist-draw

    Another elimination of stitching and taping, another advantage in weight and volume.

  • Stocko Flex Fix

    Stocko Flex Fix

    The absolute state of the art in press button technology: waterproof press buttons with patented Flex Fix system. 50.000 uses guaranteed.

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