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Top outdoor clothes

We are a family business started in the 1980s, and we draw on our Czech traditions reaching even further back. Our motto is "Nothing less than top quality". We could not guarantee this without keeping a close watch of each production step. That's why all of our products are made locally, in the Czech Republic. To be able to meet our motto and not to compromise, only the highest performing materials and components are used in our products. 

Quality that will never let you down

Outdoor clothing  must be absolutely reliable, no matter the conditions. Often, the only right clothes can guarantee a safe home-coming.

Proudly made in the Czech Republic

Tilak is one of the last of its kind. We are a family business producing all of our clothing locally, in the Czech Republic. Originally from Šumperk, a small town in the foothills of the Jeseníky Mountains, we have been making the vast majority of our products here for more than 35 years.

The binding tradition

Tilak has been tightly connected to the Kamler family. The company founder, Roman Kamler made Tilak first product at a household sewing machine in 1986. Since the 1980s, much has changed, but two things remain the same; our first priority, to keep our customers safe & satisfied, achieved only through our Czech quality, founded on our tradition. 


If I had to describe Tilak in one word, I would say "reliable". Tilak products are made by people who know their customers well. They know the situations I get into and that I have to rely 100% on their products. Everyone knows this, from the owner to the seamstress. And I know and trust them. I don't treat my clothes well. Ten metres above the clip, I can't think about whether a sharp pick on my shoulder is going to accidentally tear a hole in my jacket, I have to focus on climbing. Gore-tex products are expensive. That's why I was surprised by Tilak service, when they are able to repair my torn jacket so that it looks like new. They just know how to do it.


I'm lucky and I have a smart wife. Years ago, when I was about to leave for the filming of I served the King of England, Olinka checked my clothes because we were going to be out in the mountains on very cold days. As well as being a nice girl, she's a practical woman. She was not lazy and found the right company. I got great gear for the freezing days. It made me look dapper and kept me warm. My colleagues around me were shivering from the cold as we shot and I, cold sensitive since childhood, was perfectly fine. I directed without chattering my teeth. Even in later years, whenever we were going somewhere where I wouldn't be warm, caring Olinka protected me from colds and rheumatism with great clothes from Tilak.

We have chosen multi-layered clothing from a Czech company that has an excellent reputation in the production of outdoor clothing. During the preparation and realization of the order, the management of Tilak was 100% helpful to us and thanks to that we managed to create a unique colour combination for the Mountain Rescue Service. In the two years that we have been using the multi-layered clothing, we can say that it fully suits all modes of Mountain Rescue Service activity. In the framework of further cooperation we use information from the manufacturer on how to treat the clothing so that its properties remain fully functional for as long as possible. We also make use of the manufacturer's flexible service in the event of damage occurring during the rescuers' work deployment. Tilak is a reputable partner of the Mountain Rescue Service of the Czech Republic.

As a runner, I first came to Tilak when I was looking for a lightweight, waterproof and highly breathable jacket. At the same time, I like gear that fits well, performs even better, and can be relied upon. After the experience of using and testing a lot of equipment, I can say that Tilak has never disappointed and can compare with much more famous brands in the world in terms of quality and functionality.

The Tilak brand is an inspiration for me and a confirmation that things can be done differently. That business has other dimensions than profit and costs. In our shop, we test most of the equipment on ourselves. Tilak is not a classic running brand, but the functional features, quality of workmanship and customer service are the reason why I use this clothing myself and also like to sell it.

Code of Ethics Tilak

Quality, fair-play and responsibility aren't just empty words to us. We want these to not only characterize our products, but also the entire company operation. That is why we are bound to our own code of ethics, which sets the principles of approaching our employees as well as the environment.

Tilak ambassadors

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