Ondřej Švirák

Runner and guide

I organize expeditions all over the world. I make videos, take photos and also write a blog. Although I graduated from the Faculty of Forensic Engineering, I make a living as a marketing manager and guide for the Brno Expedition Club. I am an avid runner and proud father who enjoys traveling to places that are not for everyone.

In the role of a guide, I have completed over 50 events, and in addition to birch bark and a safety pin, I also have my drone in my "safety stash" that I bring to all my events. I really have to - I am the creator of the visual and creative content of the Expedition Club. My great passion is running. According to my girlfriend, maybe I run too much, but I definitely don't have this feeling and I would like to run in the mountains even more. A big advantage is that walking in the mountains is part of my job description, and although I don't like to leave my girlfriend and daughter at home, someone has to fill the family coffers :-) I started running since as a child. I first started as an orienteering runner, later I tried some mountain ultramarathons, and now I tend to invent my own projects, in which I prefer to involve volunteers from among Expedition club clients. Although I'm not a big climber, I've climbed a few 6,000 meters and I'm not afraid of thinking of going even higher. I like to follow the motto that adventure does not wait!

- 5th place MČR sprint relays (2016)
- 3rd place MČR in night (2007)
- 3rd place MČR clubs (2009)
- 1st place MČR clubs (2008)

- 4 x winner of the Hostýnská Osma pairs ultramarathon (2013 – 2016)
- 18th place at UTMB – OCC (2016)
- 2 × Vltava run winner (2016, 2017)

- Czech speed record on Corsican GR20 (2016)
- World record - 26 ultramarathons in 26 countries on 6 continents in 1 year (2017)
- Peaks of Balkans treck schedule (2019)
- Running across the Ukrainian Carpathians (2021)

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