Peťan (Pjotr) Vicha from Jesenik

Universal climber always look for new ways to challenge himself

Found his love for climbing at his local Czech sandstone areas, mostly in Adrspach. He gained more experience all around Europe mostly in Dolomites and later overseas at Squamish, Zion and Redrock. Chasing bigwalls in Bugaboos,Yosemite,and Kyrgystan thought him the most. Recently based in Chamonix, where he focuses on all climbing disciplines from sportclimbing to steep mixed climbing.


"I climb to experience adventure and to challenge my physical and mental limits. My attraction to different climbing disciplines has changed over the years. There was period of time when I was driven by sandstone climbing, then other years I was passionate about granite trad climbing and bigwall climbing, other years it was winter climbing, most years a bit of everything.

I'm motivated by overall experience and intense memories which stay with me like a wrinkle."


Some climbs which are remarkable for me and I have great memories from are 



Nose in day El capitan yosemite  pod pod 12 h yosemite

Golden gate  5.13b   Af  El capitan yosemite

All along the watch tower 5.11 C2 Nort Howser Tower -Bugaboos

Perestroika crack 7a pik Slesova- Kyrgystan

Becky Chouinard   south howser tower Bugaboos

Welcome  to the machine  5.12d AF Bugaboos


Alpine rockclimbing ,multipitch sport annd trad climbing

Echo de alpages Grand Capucine Chamonix 7a+ 

L ohr du temps Grand Capucine Chamonix  7c+ Af

American direct in a day 6c+ Petit Dru Chamonix

Les in touchables  Chamonix trident du tacul 7b+ OS

La part des anges Aig. Argentiere south pillarchamonix 7b+ OS


Moonlight butters Zion5.12d RP all pitches in two separate pushes

Daily universe  Squamish5.12c  second ascent

Romulus war bird Yosemite 5.12b 

Ave cesar -Petir closer du portalet 7c Rp

University wall Squamish 5.12b

Astronomy 5.12a Squamish first trad 5.12a Os


Final frontier 5.13b Af Yosemite

Brandler- hasse - Cima grande dolomites 7a+

Le voci del coro 7c os Cima Grande Dolomites


Winter ascents 


 Croz spur Slovenian start Grand Jorrasses Chamonix

Coulour du diable direct finish mont blanc du Tacul solo

Supercouloir Mont blanc du Tacul

Couloir Jagger  direct Mont blanc du tacul solo

Beyond good and evil Aig. Pellerins

Rebufat Terrey Aig Pellerins

 Graund lounch M8+ WI6 os Lüsens, Sellraintal

Les pingouins M9 vallorcine

Prvovystup Nesmrtelni blazni M7- Kupola s J.Smoleň


Sportovni cesty/ Pisek

Black and white Xb pp

Tsunami Xb pp

Kill Bill Xb pp

Panny  výkřik Xa pp

Prvovystup Krupani s matej svojtka Xa

Zip -Caesar VIIIc

Pako 8a Ventilator Argentiere 

Aurora 8a+ Aurora borealis Valejevo Serbia

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