Pavel Paloncý

Adventurer and extreme athlete

Born in Kroměříž, he works as a translator, photographer and occasional freelance reporter.
Graduated from MFF UK in Prague, majoring in Physics of Surfaces and Ionized Environments.
His main interests are mountain ultrarunning, orienteering, mountain biking, rogaining or best all together - adventure racing, multisport and various natural multi-sport events.

In his childhood he briefly tested various sports - baseball, judo, swimming, table tennis... until he started orienteering. Instead of speeding up his running, he started lengthening it. And so, as an 18-year-old, he finished the 2003 Czech Extreme Race Championship - the Jesenický Tvrďák and that's how it started. Then came mountain orienteering, rogaining and in 2006 adventure racing. I fell in love with this sport because races offer many disciplines, last for several days and you experience situations that you would not normally imagine. In 2006 I raced for the Czech national team for the first time. Since then I have raced in many teams. In terms of racing, 2011 was a breakthrough year, when I raced in various international teams in remote and far away places (Chile, Brazil, China). I intersperse these races with my own expeditions and events.

I don't know where the limits of human possibilities lie, but I'm trying to find out where they don't.

Among the best results are:

1st place and course record - The Spine Race (430 km solo non-stop in England) in 2014 and 2015.
1st place - Krkonoše Survival (Czech Winter Survival Championship) - Pavel Paloncý, Filip Šilar, Kristýna Skalická
1st place - Winter Challenge 2014 and 2015 (260 km nonstop in winter mountain terrain) - Pavel Paloncý, Filip Šilar
2nd place - Timex Winter Raid 2014 (European Adventure Race Cup) - Team OpavaNet/ELVAC/Nutrend (CZE) - Pavel Paloncý, Marek Navrátil, Kristýna Skalická, Filip Šilar
2nd place - Winter Challenge 2014 and 2015 (260 km nonstop in winter mountain terrain) - Pavel Paloncý, Jan Zemaník
3rd place - Jesenický Tvrďák 2013 (Czech Championship in extreme individual race)
1st place - Adventure Race Slovenia 2012 - Pavel Paloncý, Jakub Řídel
1st place - Mini Adventure Race CZ 2012 - Pavel Paloncý, Kristýna Skalická
4th place - Bergson Winter Challenge 2010 (SP in winter AR), Poland 2010
1st place - German Adventure Racing Championship (Bavaria) 2008, 2009, 2010
4x 1st place - Czech Academic Championship in survival for 24 hours

His other projects include Camino de Santiago Trail Running 2009 - set a world record on the pilgrimage route to Santiago de Compostela (840 km in 10 days).

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