Markéta "Peggy" Marvanová

Young ultramarathoner

Markéta Peggy Marvanová completely breaks out of the box. Not only by her character, but also by her sporting performance. The twenty-one-year-old girl, for whom the 24-hour or 1000-mile races are, to put it in an exaggerated way, too short, fills her life with adventure and kind-heartedness. She has completed The Great Divide Race, the world's longest MTB race at 4,500km, and has taken part in a race across the Arctic Circle that has never been completed. And she combines almost every sporting activity with charity work.

"A few years ago, I decided that I didn't want to just live a comfortable modern life. Wanting to know my limits and the bottom of my strength, I started to throw myself into extremes. I fell madly in love with sport and specifically cycling. I found myself during crisis situations in nature. I looked up and found a partner from the same planet. A planet where respect, morality, truth, fairness and a certain amount of adrenaline prevail. Almost every day of the year I explode with the desire to explore new things connected with nature.
I don't go to races to beat people. I go to win against myself. But the necessity of the race is somewhat undeniable. It's only in a race atmosphere that I reach a threshold where my head and body push their limits."




2nd place in the Highland Trail 550 - 890 km extreme mountain bike race without security
Best ever result at the Lapland extreme Challenge- a 900 km winter race across the Arctic Circle (no one has ever finished the race)


2nd place Rovaniemi 150 - winter race in Lapland over 150 km (running category)
4th place at the Tour Divide Race - 4418 km extreme mountain bike race without security
1st place in the series of 24 hour mountain bike races in the Czech Republic and Slovakia 


1st place at 1000 MILES Trans Czechoslovakia
1st place in the Czech Republic 24 Hour MTB Championship
1st place Rock Point Winter Mountain Challenge (222 km run)


1st place 1000 MILES Trans Czechoslovakia (youngest participant)

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