Ján Smoleň

Experienced Slovak climber, member of the Slovak national alpinism team.

He was born in 1980 in Dolny Kubin, where he grew up, studied and started climbing. He climbed his first rock route (Troika 3-) solo without a rope at the age of 15 on Tupa Skala, but real climbing didn't start until a few years later. In 2002 he went climbing in Spain with his friends. He returned after five months and his perspective of life had definitely changed. He gave his soul to adventure and verticals.

Overview of climbs:


KING SNAIL, 8a A2, 180m, (first ascent), Pizzo Nicolosi, Sicily, (R.Šretr/L.Čermák)

VO2 MAX, 9, 320m, (on-sight), High Tatras, (M.Peto), (awarded with SHS JAMES bronze carabiner)

EL SENDERO DE LOS INDIGENAS, 7c, 425m, (first ascent), Acopan Tepui, Venezuela, (J.Lautner/O.Beneš/T.Sobotka), (awarded with SHS JAMES bronze carabiner)

SPANISH ROUTE, 8 A2, 1410m, (second repetition), Ketil, Greenland, (R.Kamler/I.Foltýn), (awarded with SHS JAMES silver carabiner)

TURBO, 8+ A2, 1450m, (first repetition), Ketil, Greenland, (T.Brt/V.Linek), (awarded with SHS JAMES silver carbine)

KEEP PANIC PLEASE!, 8, 1270m, (first ascent), Ulamertorsuaq, Greenland, (V.Linek/T.Brt), (awarded with SHS JAMES silver carabiner), (honorable mention CHS)

HAZARD, 8 A5, 150m, (second repetition), High Tatras, (P.John)

POSTUPKA, 8+/9-, 240m, (first ascent), High Tatras, (T.Stejskal)

RAGNI, 90°M4, 600m, (on-sight), Cerro Torre, Patagonia, (S.Filkor/M.Sabovcik)

NORTH COULOIR-DIRECT, M8 WI6, 700m, (on-sight), Petit Dru, Chamonix, (M.Klonfar), (awarded with SHS JAMES bronze carbine)

ASADO, 7a+ M8 C2, 655m, (first ascent), Fitz Roy, Patagonia, (M.Sabovcik), (awarded with SHS JAMES silver carbine)

BU BU BU BU, 9-, 250m, (first ascent), High Tatras, (T.Stejskal, J.Mandat), (awarded with SHS JAMES bronze carbine)


NATURALMENTE NATURAL 8a+, PP, (first ascent) Arena, Sicily (L.Čermák)

SILVER STAR Xc, RP, (first ascent), Adršpach, (T.Sobotka/J.Lautner)

DŽIN, Xb, (on-sight), Teplice, (J.Šuhajda)


THE FLYING SHUHAJ sd 8A solo, Radvanice (first ascent)

THE BEAST 7C+/8A solo, Radvanice (first ascent)

Ice climbing:

SECRET WI5/6, (on-sight), (first ascent, P.John)

MORDOR, WI5, 315m, (on-sight), Gastein, Austria, (R.Groh)


SLOVAKIA CHAMPIONSHIP 2013, (bouldering), 4th place


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