Danny Menšík

Slackliner and climber from the planet Prague

Average student, below-average climber, above-average lover. He tried his first line when he was 15 and has been up to his ears in it ever since. He's one of those guys who likes to stretch that cord from one rock to the next and tip-toe on it. Through slackline and climbing, he found a love for the mountains. Two-time world record holder in highline. But ironically, records have taught him that length isn't everything. His priority now is the mountain highline, where access to the line is already an integral part of the process, in which the actual walking on the line is the icing on the big cake, and thus takes on a deeper meaning and charm. He enjoys life and traveling, but he loves coming home and he can't let go of our little Czech sand! There is nothing better than picking grains of sand out of his scrapes and ears.


Apart from the slackline itself, he loves:

skialpinism, winter climbing, climbing on his own, sand climbing, crevassing, broad climbing and paragliding.



- 1st repeat of the Yosemite mega highline between Cathedral Spires: "Hubris" 115m/250m

- Repeat of the legendary, historic first highline of the world: "Lost Arrow Spire Classic" 17m/900m

- 1st repeat of America's longest highline: Castleton -Rectory 495m

- Opening highline on Aiguilles du Diable, Chamonix with Thibault Cheval: "Le temps d'infer" 55m/4100m (Europe's highest highline) (http://www.emontana.cz/aiguilles-du-diable-highline/)

- Opening highline on Pointes de la Carmélite, FRA: "Choucasfoen" 120m/400m (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=By5xrDguKAw&t=20s)



- World highline record - 1020m - (Aiglun,FRA) - 1st time over the mythical 1km mark

- Opening of the 330m highline in the Gorges du Daluis


- World highline record - 469m "female" (Millau/FRA)

- Guest of the festival - Natural Games (Millau/FRA)



- Czech highline record 208m "Mamka" (3rd highline over 200m in the world)

- First Highline Expedition in Iceland - colonization of a land untouched by lines. Documentary: "Fyrst" (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k3UTAT3JTlo&t=1270s)



- Czech highline record: 102m highline (Plakánek Valley, CZ) (5th person in the world to break the 100m mark)

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