Anna Retková

Junior five-time European wildwater racing champion

I was born in February 2005, under the sign of Aquarius ;)

I love sports of all kinds. From ball games to outdoor activities like running, hiking and climbing. My favourite activities are canoeing - slalom and wildwater. That's why I am currently doing it at the national level.

I have always felt at home on the water. Ever since I was a kid, my family and I have been going canoeing, and I can't count how many times we have paddled down the Morava River. Then, when I was about 9 years old, I joined the Olomouc Canoe Club and started training there. And since then I haven't let go.

Now I'm 17 years old, and so far in the junior categories I'm fighting for the best possible position both on the domestic and international scene. I have competed twice at the European Junior Wildwater Championships, one of which was a particularly successful year. I became a five-time European champion and a small personal dream of mine came true.

In addition to wildwater, I am also involved in whitewater slalom. With the junior team we go to camps every year, for example to the Arab Emirates, France, Spain and other interesting destinations.

But it's not all about sport. I study at a grammar school in Olomouc and I spend almost as much time on school as on sports, which is sometimes quite hard to manage.

My hobbies besides sports include reading books, exploring new places and spending time with my friends. I like to learn new things, so there's almost nothing I won't try when I get the chance.




MEJ and U23 Banja Luka

1st place in the long wildwater in the C1 junior category

1st place C1 junior sprint

2nd place sprint K1 junior female

1st place long wildwater 3x C1 team in U23 category

1st place sprint team 3x C1 U23

1st place long wildwater 3x K1 junior female

3rd place sprint 3x K1 junior female

SP wildwater Celje Slovenia - 3rd place sprint C1 women

Junior World Cup wildwater        

1st sprint C1

1st sprint K1

3rd long wildwater K1

2nd long wildwater C1

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